Project Coordinator  
Nancy Y. Ip
Dean of Science
Chair Professor, Division of Life Science
Director, State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  Deputy Project Coordinator  
Zhenguo Wu
Professor, Division of Life Science
Associate Director, Biotechnology Research Institute
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  International Advisory Board  
Aaron Ciechanover
(2004 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry)
Distinguished Research Professor
The David and Janet Polak Cancer and Vascular Biology Research Center
The Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and Research Institute
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel
Elaine Fuchs
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Rebecca C. Lancefield Professor
Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development
The Rockefeller University
New York, USA
Morgan Sheng
Vice President – Neuroscience
Genentech Inc.
California, USA
Irving Weismann
Director, Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Professor, Pathology – Stem Cell Institute
Professor, Developmental Biology
Stanford University School of Medicine
California, USA
  Management Committee  
Internal Committee Members
Karl Herrup (Head, Division of Life Science, HKUST)
Nancy Y. Ip (Project Coordinator, HKUST)
Zhenguo Wu (Deputy Project Coordinator, HKUST)
Mingjie Zhang (Group Leader, HKUST)
Yung Hou Wong (Group Leader, HKUST)
External Committee Members
Wing Ho Yung (Professor, Biomedical Science, CUHK)
Sookja K. Chung (Professor, Department of Anatomy, HKU)
Vivian Taam Wong
(Dr./CEO, Modern Chinese Medicine International Association/HK Coordinator, Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine/Board of Director, GP-TCM Research Association)
Kwong-Yau Chan (Dr., Kwong Wah Hospital, HK)